FYI, I will not be able to send out certain kits January thru March.  

This will be my first year as a snowbird!!  I will have some kits with me. 

My husband will be able to send others if I have them in stock!!

Just about done with that lovely 3/2 rim lashing!!  Great Spiral Tray.

 Char's 2019 Teaching Schedule:

Jan 2019                      SpringHill Guild                         SpringHill Fl

March 14-17 2019            NCBA                                          Raleigh, NC

​April 11-13 2019              Stateline Weaving Friends             Richmond, IN 

                                           More to come!!!       


 Handwoven Baskets,Weaving Kits, and Silver Woven Jewelry.
Designed and/or made by Char! All baskets on the site can be ordered, woven by Char.   Contact Char for info!

Friends helping friends!!

 Beginning of Chimmi's Chains class.

Beginning of fun in the Funfetti class!!

I started making baskets about 1990 to keep  busy after watching my youngest of 3 sons head off to Kindergarten!  That class led to many more classes from a variety of instructors. I then went on to designing my own baskets!  I began teaching "on the road" about 8 years ago and absolutely love it!! I am also an avid photographer. I take all the photographs used throughout this website. 

Since 1995 I have helped organize and coordinate WinterWeave, a weaving conference in Mentor Ohio sponsored by Wildwood Basket Guild.  This conference allows weavers from across the country to enjoy February weather in Northeast Ohio!!

Char's Weavings

Hey, he asked if I needed help!!  "Mr. Char"

 pulling reed!

Baskets and students from Weaving Conferences!

Design your ZigZag Class! 

Check out all the great color combinations!

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   This site is geared mainly for basket weavers with some experience.

The basket kits come with everything to make the basket yourself!   

Grandma, Aunt Lynn, and Joan with their baskets!  Joan's first time, Grandma and Aunt Lynn, their second!!

 Great job on D's Swing Basket!

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