I "Heart" Baskets

This necklace made with a 1" Sterling Silver disc is domed so that the Sterling egg basket charm lays nicely in the disc. Any of my small Sterling charms can be used.


"Ohio State" (or whichever school you want!)

This necklace can be made into a great school spirit item.  Consists of 2 Sterling Silver discs and a Swarovski Crystal in the color needed.  


"Love to Weave"

This necklace is made using 3 different size of Sterling Silver discs domed so it lays nicely tgether.  Largest disc is 1"


Woven and Hand Stamped Jewelry

Customized just for you!.

Examples of hand stamped neclaces available.

"My Boys" Necklace

Just an example of what can be done to personalize your necklace.  This is my necklace!!


Char's Weavings

"Baby or Grandbaby" 
Baby's name and feet or hand print is stamped onto a 1" Sterling Silver disc.  A Swarovski birthstone crystal can be added. 
This can be totally customized for you.  (2 names with stones or added discs with names.)  

"Weave Baskets"

This necklace is a 1" Sterling disc with a Sterling Silver gathering basket charm.  The disc is domed.


"Love to Weave"

This necklace is a 1" Sterling disc, a medium sized brass weaving textured disc and a small Sterling heart disc.

 All are domed.


Contact Char with your ideas for a totally customized necklace!​




Hand stamped Sterling Silver, copper and brass pieces stamped using metal stamping tools.  

Each piece is individually:

     sanded- to give a nice satin finish.

​     stamped- with your favorite saying, child or Grandchild's name.

     oxidizes- so that the words will stand out.

     rinsed and polished- to clean it up.

     domed- for custom shape

     and finally waxed- so fingerprints don't show!

I love working with the different metals!  Keep the discs all Sterling or add copper and or brass!

Several different fonts are available. 

All necklaces on with an 18" or 20" sterling silver chain.  


"Basket Collector"

This necklace consists of a small custom made weaving charm and a 1" stamped Sterling disc.  Both discs are domed.