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I have been a basket weaver and teacher for over 30 years. Recently (2021) with life changes for all of us, I have changed my focus and talents a bit.  I became interested in lapidary and rock hounding a few years ago and am really enjoying "cutting rocks".  So I had to do something with all those rocks!  Not wanting to disappear from the "basket" community, I began the journey of coiling with pine needles around my beautiful cabochons. After years of coiling, my friends encouraged me to begin teaching the coiling technique.  I now teach coiling techniques and chainmaille jewelry at many basket conventions throughout the eastern states.  

If you are interested in classes, contact me and we may be able to schedule something!

This website is a way to sell my designs and creations!  

Check out my pages for:

  • Hand coiled pine needle baskets
  • Pine needle basket weaving kits
  • Cabochons to create your own designs
  • Sterling Silver pendants, rings, and bracelets
  • Sterling Silver wire wrapped pendants
  • Basket weaving kits (I am selling my excess kits)