Beginner Twill

This is a great beginner twill woven basket.  Students begin on an oval wood base.  Techniques used will be start/stop as well as an over 2, under 1, twill weave. Also for the beginner, techniques include correct scarfing for overlapping, rimming and lashing.  Shaping and learning the twill weave are stressed throughout this basket.  Must have weaving knowledge-not really a first basket!

Size"  7 X 13 X 7                                                           Skill Level:  All

Basket Kit:  $46.00                                                       Kit Shipping:  $7.50

Pattern:  $6.00                                                              Pattern Shipping:  $.50

Lots of Arrows

​Basket begins on a wood base.  Techniques for this basket include  correct overlapping and scarfing of flat oval reed and the 3 rod arrow pattern. The 3 rod arrow is woven in 3 different colors or round reed creating a great looking pattern. Students will definitely learn the 3-rod arrow by the time this basket is completed. Colors are teal, koi, and natural for the arrow.

Size:  8 X 12 X 6                                                 Skill Level:  All

Basket Kit:  $44.00                                             Kit Shipping:  $7.50

Pattern:  $6.00                                                  Pattern Shipping:  $.50

Char's Weavings

​​Notice to Weaving Guilds:

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Beginner Market--For the First Time Weaver!

This is a great beginner/brand new weaver basket!  Spokes are inserted into a wood base.  All weaving is start/stop.  Instructions are 5 pages long with detailed photos.  Several different flower colors and many different wood tie-ons are available.   

Size:  6 X 11 X 5                                                   Skill Level:  Beginner

Basket Kit:  $23.00                                                 Kit Shipping:  $5.00

Pattern:  $6.00                                                        Pattern Shipping:  $.50

Basket Kits and Patterns

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Shipping fees will be adjusted when multiple items are ordered.  

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